Tom Lorentzen PortraitI have found a niche that allows me to take my education (an MBA), my experience (25 years as an executive) and my passion for creative expression, and combine them to offer a unique service to individuals and businesses.  Typical web design firms are full of creative artsy types that rely on the client to bring the business savvy to the development of the website.  Unfortunately, most clients have little or no experience in web design and even less time to devote to it.  This results in the “project” type development that yields a good looking, often ineffective and almost always static website.  All too often, websites are developed and forgotten until the next major update or overhaul.  This leaves sites static, boring and information out of date.  Given the dynamic nature of the Web poorly maintained, websites can do more harm than good.  It can turn potential customers off or significantly impact search engine rankings.

My approach to website design and development is to integrate the website into the organization’s overall marketing initiatives.  You would not develop a newspaper ad and run it daily without making changes and keeping it fresh.  Why should a website be different?  My process includes the development of a user-friendly web based interface that facilitates future modifications, updates, and fresh content without requiring the services of someone like me.  However, if you prefer to be hands off, I can provide maintenance of your website for you.

I also will work with you to assure your web content is reaching your target audience.  Most new clients using the Web reach us through search engines using key words and phrases.  I help you reach these prospective new clients by researching what key words and phrases people are using in their searches for your particular market and developing the website in a way that it is found in those searches.  Regular updates and fresh content help yield high search engine rankings.

Through a strong network of affiliates, I also offer web hosting and domain name registration.