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World in HandsNearly 70 percent of websites are static web pages. That is, they require modification of the code to update the content of the site. This may be appropriate for websites that require infrequent updates, but all too often it results in websites with outdated, inaccurate information or inflated maintenance costs. While still prevalent, these concerns can be addressed through the implementation of a Content Management Systems.

What is a Content Management System (CMS)?

A Content Management System (commonly referred to as a CMS) is a backend administrative interface that allows the user to maintain the content and structure of the website. This administrative interface allows the user to maintain and update the website from most any web browser including a mobile device. The user does not need programming or technical knowledge to use the interface and updates can be made 24/7 allowing for more timely updates. Most CMS’s also include functionality to optimize your site for Search Engines, helping your ranking in web searches.

Is a CMS right for my website?

If your website is very simple , focused on a very specific task or your organization does not have frequent changes, you may see little benefit from a CMS and a simple maintenance agreement with your web developer may be a less expensive alternative to the additional development time and cost of adding a CMS. However, if your business is dynamic, you plan to update content regularly, you need your content to be accurate and up-to-date, or you would like better Search Engine rankings, you should consider updating your site with a CMS.

Can I add content management to my existing site?

Your current website assets can be merged into a robust CMS framework providing you the functionality of the administrative interface and all its features. Integrated Web Design takes the administrative interface one step further by customizing it to the unique needs of each client. This process will also provide the opportunity to consider how some of these new features may improve the functionality or esthetics of your site.

How do I get started?

Getting started is simple, by contacting Integrated Web Design online or by phone at 651-271-3285 for free consultation. We’ll listen carefully to your concerns and requirements and offer a recommendation. Before you know it, you will have a state of the art website that you can easily keep current and optimized for search engines.

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