The Importance of Search Engine Optimization

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What is search engine optimization?

Search Engine Optimization (commonly referred to as SEO) is part science, part art and many would say a little bit of voodoo. In the early days of SEO it was cramming as many “key” words that may be searched by web users into your site as possible, MORE was definitely better. However, with advances in search engine technology and search algorithms current SEO is much more complex. Each search engines algorithm is bit different and all them are closely guarded secrets. However, there are some known elements, processes and tools to help a site score well in these algorithms. Things we can do are help search engines find your site, make sure content is relevant to your customers/clients, aid the search engines in searching and indexing your content, and develop credibility and reputation through links and social networking.

Why should SEO be important to you?

In the world of internet marketing, the axiom, “location, location, location” translates into high search engine rankings, that front page of the results. Much like you are unlikely to go too far out of your way to go to a new restaurant, you are unlikely to scroll through pages of search engine results to find what you are looking for. The purpose of SEO is to improve and assure appropriate search rankings.

Studies have shown that more than 70% of website visits are directed to the site by search engine queries. Further, studies have also shown that the top Google ranking captures 18-36% of clicks and 52-89% of clicks go to the top ten rankings, essentially the first page. So, why should this be important to you? A great website is of little use if users of the web don’t find it.

How do I check my SEO?

If your site is more than two years old, and you have not actively worked to improve your SEO you likely have issues. The simplest way to check your site’s SEO is to Google, Bing or Yahoo your site, if you show up on anything past the third page of results, and your SEO efforts are not just beginning, your site likely has room to improve it’s SEO. It is important to stress that if you have just begun your SEO campaign, search engine results may not reflect the quality of your SEO. Growing in rankings is a process and will take some time. Patience and consistency of effort are required for a successful SEO campaign.

How do I get started improving my sites SEO?

Getting started is simple by contacting Integrated Web Design online or by telephone at 651-731-3285. We will be glad to review your current site, discuss your goals and make a recommendation to you. A website is a commitment that few businesses can afford to ignore. The internet continues to evolve and users expectations evolve with it. It is essential that your online presence supports your business goals. We are here to help.

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